075 – The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter

Love or life.
Henry or their child.
The end of her family or the end of the world.
Kate must choose.

During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can’t stop her – until Cronus offers a deal.

In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. Yet even if Kate agrees, he’ll destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And if she refuses, Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is dead.

With the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders, Kate must do the impossible: find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence, even if it costs her everything.

Even if it costs her eternity.
Oh my god that summary. That summary is so fucking far from accurate I can’t even. WARNING: this is going to be long and angry and full of unmarked spoilers.

Oh my god, I thought I was done being angry about this book. Seriously, like once I hit that last stretch and the ending clusterfuck began and it became abundantly clear that not one significant thing was going to change, I just pfft, stopped caring. Like,

The last fuck

I realized that all this time, I’d been waiting for this book to be more. I’d thought Carter had pulled us in for the long con. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, for Carter to jump out of the bushes and yell, “GOTCHA! Hahaha, really had you going there, didn’t I? You really thought that I was going to follow through with a fucked-up relationship and “bitches, man” for an entire trilogy! OH YE OF LITTLE FAITHE!” And I was angry because it was taking so GODDAMNED LONG and Kate was being such a GODDAMNED MORON and WHY WOULDN’T THE OTHER SHOE JUST DROP ALREADY?

And then I realized that there was no long con. There was no other shoe. No Carter in the bushes, waiting to Melissa-Marr us, no redeeming moral to the story. It just is. The Goddess trilogy really is a series about a woman who finds true love through abduction, imprisonment, emotional blackmail, and a path to marriage so contrived that “arranged” doesn’t even begin to do it service. It is a book about a girl who’s not even allowed to get out of her teen years before she’s manipulated into being wedded and pregnant. It is a book in which men motivate every woman’s action, in which their very special love for particular penises makes the world go round, and the inter-gender hate flow. It is a book in which the primary antagonist is written as a hateful, unlovable, irredeemable bitch. It is a book in which we are supposed to accept all of these things uncritically.

And I was just out of fucks, man, because how do you even argue with that? I’ve spent two reviews trying to argue with that, and what more can I say about how vile and awful and fucking infuriating and depressing this whole concept is?

I thought I didn’t care anymore, I thought I was just out of fucks, and then I went on Goodreads to collect my summary for this review, and all I see are four and five star reviews for this book, and I just…

I don't want to live on this planet anymore

This book is FUCKED UP, you guys. FUCKED UP. I mean, from page one, page fucking one, the story is just irreparably fucked. Kate is fucking PREGNANT. PREGNANT. I know that we knew that already, but it’s different, seeing the way it’s played out. You open the book, and this emotionally stunted, fucked-up eighteen-year-old girl is giving birth, and it’s just like, jesus fucking christ. This is a kid. This is a kid, giving birth, in a book intended for other kids, to a child she WAS FORCED TO BEAR. And you KNOW that this is not going to be about just how awful and emotionally scarring that REALLY is, or whether or not Kate is prepared for its repercussions, or even if she wanted this child in the first place. No, this is pregnancy as a plot device, the most inconsequential, fairytale motherfucking depiction of teen motherhood you will ever see, with a perfect baby, and a body magicked back to normal two minutes after giving birth, and nary a negative thought seen or heard about this motherhood thing, EVER.

But why would there be? Because what this really is is Kate, giving birth to her happy ending. This is Kate giving birth to her reward, that thing that no woman’s teenage girl’s life would be complete without, right? The story will end and Kate will be eighteen and married for eternity, with a child she was forced to conceive and carry, and what more could a woman ask for? Isn’t he just the most precious and important and perfect thing on the planet? Man, guess that forced pregnancy thing really worked out for the best, huh? A+, FIVE FUCKING STARS, YEAH?

And this is the second fucking chapter.

I can't gif

shaking and crying gif

no gif

I just, I don’t understand how we’ve gotten to the point where this is acceptable. Where something this horrifying and awful and traumatic can be portrayed in a positive light, and we are fucking okay with that. But that’s what this entire series is: fucking horrendous, awful things happening to this girl and being portrayed in a positive light.

But oh god, if there’s anyone who tank any sympathy that I would have garnered for her after the awful things she’s been through, it’s Kate. Kate is…really kind of a bafflingly awful character. She is still, after three freaking books here, insecure on a level that I think is borderline insane, and I’m not even being facetious when I say that. Three books, and this girl is still, STILL, teetering on the edge of an emotional breakdown, should the people she bases her life around leave her. She’s still an utter fucking misogynist, and STILL has such a martyr complex that for a good 50% of the book, all she does is offer to sacrifice herself for other people. This girl is a train wreck of misplaced anger and spunky agency and romantic paranoia that makes her unlikable and almost unreadable, and the book does not one damn thing about it. And it’s not like it doesn’t know, the book is aware of at least some of this, because characters lampshade things like Kate’s willingness to sacrifice herself for other people. And yet it doesn’t change.

That is what I was waiting for – emotional development on Kate’s part. Isn’t that the whole point? Why else give her such massive, infuriating character flaws? But if a shift in perspective came, I missed it. I suspect that if Kate was to have developed at all, the catalyst was perhaps supposed to have been the ending, but if that’s the case, I hardly even know what to say. “Too little, too fucking late” comes to mind. I spent 90% of the book in the mind of Asshole Kate, what do I care if she somehow miraculously evolves too late to really change a goddamn thing, and right in time to ride off into the sunset?

Really, though, Goddess Inheritance is just shit with its female characters in general, which I suppose isn’t surprising; the series’ subtitle should have been Internalized Misogyny in Action. Aside from so-fucked-there’s-not-even-a-proper-word-for-it Kate, Ava/Aprodite and Calliope/Hera are the major female players, and as usual, their roles are an infuriating mess.

If we’re to go by the narrative, I would say that Avadite has probably the most thankless role. When we last saw her, Ava’s husband had been captured, and she was being blackmailed into betraying Kate to Calliope to presumably keep him from death or harm. Nine months later, and apparently Ava has been hanging around and tending to Kate while she is Calliope’s hostage, but somehow also reporting back to Walter (Zeus) and the Council (Olympians) as a spy?

I don’t really understand this, on a number of different levels. For one, you would think that if you had sided with the enemy to the point that you’re pretty much a permanent resident in their HQ, you wouldn’t just be able to pop back over to the “good guys'” base to chat and catch up without somebody noticing or trying to stop you. And yet, this is how Inheritance starts: Ava, at Olympus, chatting with her “daddy”, Zeus. In person. Updating him about what’s going on with Kate, and curling up in his lap for comfort and support.

Yeah, literally. This grown-ass, immortal, ancient goddess is curled up in her father’s fucking lap LIKE A CHILD, that’s not demeaning or infantalizing in the least, right? BUT I DIGRESS.

Afterwards, Ava is somehow able to pop back over to Cronus’ headquarters and resume tending to Kate, without anyone being the wiser, apparently. And I’m assuming she does this a lot, because she’s been keeping Zeus appraised of Kate’s condition for NINE MONTHS. Yet nobody noticed, nor did the other side take advantage of this apparent lapse in security. Excellent.

For two, was Ava’s being a spy supposed to be some sort of secret? To us or Kate? You wouldn’t think so, given how the book opens on Ava reporting to Zeus, and yet the public reveal that Ava has been acting on behalf of Zeus the entire time is treated as some sort of twist. That could perhaps be because it was surprising to Kate, but that doesn’t really make sense, either. By the time we get to the point where Ava is publicly revealed as a spy, Kate has seen Ava relay information over the Council at least once, has heard that it’s a regular thing, and has been on the receiving end of Ava’s help multiple times. Buuuut somehow she still hadn’t put it together?

Here’s why that’s so confusing, though: through the whole book, Kate treats Ava like absolute shit for helping Calliope. And okay, it’s not like Ava is blameless, here, and I’ll be the first to say that I hate that she was man-tivated into that position, but as far as Kate is concerned, Ava’s doing all these things because her husband is being held captive. His life is at stake, and while I don’t think it lets her off the hook entirely, I do think it’s deserving of a little empathy, right? Fuck, Kate even agrees that if their roles were reversed, she would have betrayed the shit out of Ava for Henry.

But apparently none of this matters, because Kate just mercilessly flings hatred in Ava’s direction for the entire goddamned book.

Seriously, the level of nastiness levied towards Ava by Kate is just astounding, so much so that even other characters notice, and speculate on whether or not her resentment is being magically bolstered by Calliope. Kate comes to the conclusion that it’s not, though; she just really hates Ava for a great laundry list of things resulting from her betrayal, and no amount of Ava apologizing or taking care of her child or helping her escape will ease that resentment. No, Ava literally has to sacrifice herself for Kate before she is able to consider forgiving her.

Well, that’s not exactly true – and this is where that did-she-or-didn’t-she know about Ava being a spy comes into play. It’s actually when Zeus reveals that Ava was working on his behalf the entire time that Kate first begins to start to forgive her.


I genuinely do not understand this. How does that make Ava’s actions any better? How is allowing Kate to suffer for strategic value somehow better than acting under duress because someone else’s life is at stake? Not to say there isn’t an argument to be made for the former, but from Kate’s perspective? SERIOUSLY? How is THAT somehow more acceptable? “Oh, well, gosh, I guess if she was doing it pragmatically for her dad instead of emotionally for herself, well, that just makes it all okay.”

No fucking sense.

But that’s Ava’s arc! Blackmailed for her husband, used by her father, ultimately killed in the climax to atone for her “sins” and possibly teach Kate a lesson about her misogyny, depending on how much credit we’re actually giving the book. Kate does take it very personally, because HOW DARE YOU KILL SWEET WONDERFUL AMAZING APHRODITE?

eye roll

Careful, Kate, change positions any faster and we’re all going to have to be treated for whiplash.

Then there’s Hera. Oh my fucking God, Hera. Or, sorry, Calliope, and yeah, the god-name thing is still stupid and confusing. Anyway, Hera. Fucking Maleficent had more nuance. The Evil Queen from Snow White looks at Hera and goes “Goddamn lady, you need to chill. And perhaps consider taking up a hobby.” If there’s a character that’s more of a traffic jam of awful sexist stereotypes and tropes, I haven’t seen them. Once again, a lot of this comes back to Kate, because it is with Kate’s eyes that we view these women, and Kate frequently, loudly, lets us know what she thinks of Hera. Ahhh, let’s see here:

“Callum after herself, undoubtedly. He was Milo, not Callum, and no matter how long he stayed with that bitch, he would never be hers.”
“He’ll [Kate’s son] never know me. He’ll never know his father. He’ll grow up calling the bitch who kidnapped me his mother, the egomaniac who’s killed millions of people his father, and he’ll never know that I’m out here loving him more in a moment than they could in eternity.”
“His name isn’t Callum, and I’m his mother, you bitch,” I snarled.
Pulling away from Henry, Calliope eyes me with distaste. I glared right back. That bitch.
Or maybe she’d done it just so he could feel that heartbreak when he kissed her and remembered who he was really supposed to love. Sadistic bitch.
And my personal favorite:

“It isn’t about winning.” I took a step toward her. “Even if you never let Henry go, somewhere inside of him, he’s always going to love me – because he wants to, because we’re good together. Not because Ava forced him into it. And no matter how alone I am, I’ll always have the comfort of knowing that at least someone in the world loves me because they want to. But you – you’re nothing but a heinous, lonely, unloved bitch, and that’s all you’re ever going to be.”
Lest we think that this is just a Kate thing, though, there’s this excellent quote from Ava:

“No wonder Daddy never loved you. There’s nothing lovable about you. All this time I thought he was in the wrong, treating you the way he did, but you deserved it. You pervert love and family until they’re unrecognizable, all for your own twisted sense of satisfaction. No one, not even Cronus, deserves to burn in Tartarus more than you do.”
“Burn in Tartarus”, Jesus, is that even a thing? Anyway, yeah, Calliope is basically a cartoon witch/Bond villain now, doing shit for the evulz. We’re not supposed to feel a modicum of sympathy for her; she’s no longer even humanized by the awful “woman-scorned” schtick, she’s just this evil, irredeemable, heinous bitch, deserving of everything that’s coming to her because she’s unlovable and awful and always has been. Hera spends the book stealing babies and torturing her own son, cackling as she helps her “daddy” destroy the world, all because some dude didn’t love her.

The most damning thing, though, is that between Hera and Ava, there is a marked difference in the way the women’s villainy and misdeeds are treated, as opposed to our primary male antagonist, Cronus, and other men in the wrong, like Walter.

Cronus, keep in mind, is the power behind this cabal of destruction. He is the “real threat”. The Council could vanquish Hera in a manner of seconds – as seen in The Goddess Test – but Cronus, supposedly, would take the combined strength of all of the gods to send back to Tartarus. Not just any god, either, by the way, but Christian-moral-abiding Greek gods, thank you very much. It’s stated in the book that literally every single non-Greek god could come to their aid and they STILL would not be able to compensate for the loss of two members of the Council. Not that it would matter, anyway, because these cowardly non-Greek gods all signed a petition, I shit you not, agreeing not to fight Cronus’ reign. Every other god in the world. I don’t even know what to call that kind of fuckery.

But ANYWAY, the point is that Cronus is the one doing the damage, here. Hera may have let him out – or maybe it was Kate? I don’t even fucking remember anymore – but she wields no real power over him, and he is following is own agenda. Cronus is the only one affecting actual, real-world repercussions in this fight, sending out giant tidal waves to wipe out all of Athens, and the Egyptian coast all the way down to Alexandria. Cronus is the one responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

So let’s put this into perspective, okay:

God’s Misdeeds God’s Fates
APRODITE Betrayed Kate to Hera, pretended to make Henry fall in love with Hera. DIES
HERA Killed all of the candidates for goddess, released Cronus, kidnapped Kate, held her child hostage, rapes Henry (implied), kills Ava DIES
CRONUS Wipes out NUMEROUS CITIES and KILLS MILLIONS OF FUCKING PEOPLE. Oh yeah, and HOLDS KATE CAPTIVE for NINE MONTHS. Put back in Tartarus where Kate swears to visit him regularly so that he won’t be lonely, because is it really his fault that he was cooped up for years and just wanted to stretch his legs?

Yeah, somehow, for some ~mystical~ reason, Cronus’ judgement, from both Kate and the narrative, is significantly less severe. Despite causing far more widespread harm and posing far more of a threat, Cronus never gets the bile from Kate that Ava and Calliope do. Not to say that she doesn’t hate him, because by the end of the book she does, but with Cronus, Kate shows a capacity for mercy, guilt, and empathy that she denies Calliope, and even Ava (while she is alive).

Seriously, we get scenes where Kate is spitting fucking mad that Ava and Calliope are even touching her precious spawn, but when they pass him off to Cronus? Oh well, I guess that’s okay, at least THOSE BITCHES aren’t touching him, right? It’s just the guy who imprisoned her on a whim, and regularly attempts to emotionally blackmail her into giving up her freedom for the sake of her family.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the book remains as vomit-inducingly male-centric as ever. Kate, Ava, and Calliope are all still motivated by men – Henry, Cronus, Nicholas (Ava’s husband), Zeus, even Kate’s child turns out to be a boy, because boys are just the light in the fucking world, don’t you know? I admit, I was just a smidge infuriated that Kate couldn’t even be allowed to fight for the sake of a daughter. Nope, she got the privilege of creating her own little penis to defend, so now she and Calliope get to fight over a tiny version of Henry, isn’t that just so–


As if that weren’t enough, we get even more manangst in this installment in the form of – what else? – Daddy Issues. Fuck, why not? We’ve already got husband and son, why not go for the whole trifecta?

Yes, Goddess Inheritance answers the age-old question I’m sure nobody actually gave a shit about: Who Is Kate’s Father? SURPRISE, turns out it’s Zeus!

chart of Zeus' millions of children

I’m shocked.

So now both Kate and Ava have father issues with this man, and oh god, does this just rip a giant gaping wound in the premise so far. After all, this WHOLE SERIES was based on the task of making Kate immortal. So why, then, if Kate is the child of two fucking gods, wasn’t she born immortal in the first place? And if both her parents were gods, why didn’t they just raise her in Olympus?

But don’t worry! Demeter to the rescue, with one long, awkward conversation to retcon some logic into this revelation! Sort of. Not really. At all.

Forgive the indulgence, but I’m going to quote this shit in full, because it’s just too ridiculous for words.

“I raised you outside of Olympus because I wanted to give you the best possible shot at passing the tests as I could.”


PFFFT HAHAHA WHAT? We all remember what the fucking tests were, right? Studying, not eating, not fucking, sharing clothes, etc., and even ignoring the absolute stupidity of the tests themselves, how is being raised outside Olympus relevant to any of that at all? In fact, you would think that she would get MORE experience in learning and understanding how to perform the ACTUAL duties of a god living among gods, and growing up with the knowledge that she might one day become one of them. It’s calling ACTUAL FUCKING PREPARATION.

But no, Demeter, do go on:

“But if Walter’s immortal, and you’re immortal, then why wasn’t I?” I said. It seemed like such a small, unimportant question in the scheme of things, but I needed small and unimportant right now.
Such a small, unimportant plot hole~ It doesn’t really matter, we’re just answering for kicks, DON’T THINK ABOUT IT TOO HARD OKAY?

“Because I had you in my mortal form. […] That was part of my bargain with the council. Demigods – and you have always been a demigod, darling – are not immortal, but they can earn immortality, as can mortals.”
UM UM BECAUSE MY BODY WAS MORTAL. Yeah, that’s it. For some reason it was a MUCH BETTER IDEA for you to be born mortal. BECAUSE REASONS, OKAY?

“Why have Henry marry a mortal to begin with?” I said. “Why not – I don’t know. Why not just have me and marry me of to him?”

She laughed softly. “And how well would that have gone over, do you think? I learned my lesson with Persephone. Henry wanted a willing queen, one who understood the price of death, and he insisted on mortal candidates. The council did consider having you born immortal, of course, since the others died very mortal deaths, but Calliope was the one to insist that you not be born a goddess.”
“I learned my lesson with Persephone.” Really? REALLY? How so, exactly? That is a straight-up fucking lie, Kate was BLACKMAILED INTO TESTING FOR GODDESS, Henry bargained with her mother’s LIFE, and Demeter fucking RAISED HER SPECIFICALLY WITH THIS IN MIND. How THE FUCK is that NOT an arranged marriage? How THE FUCK is this not just a bunch of circuitous bullshit to spackle over a plothole so large fucking TEXAS could cruise on through it?


“I thought it was because she wanted the same things as Henry – that she did not want to push another girl towards a marriage and a role they did not want, only to once again end in disaster.”
But then it turned out she was killing them. LOL WHO KNEW?


“Did Walter know you were going to get sick?”

“What? No honey, no. I was never supposed to get sick. You were supposed to be older. You were supposed to have the chance to live, to choose a life for yourself. It was never supposed to be deception. I planned on telling you on your twentieth birthday, and at that point you would’ve taken the tests if you wanted to. When I found out that I had cancer, I went to the council, and they decided to speed up the schedule. I held on so long because Theo helped me. None of that was planned, I swear to you.”
What the fresh fuck? How would getting cancer change the plan AT ALL? Why would they not just move up the plan and tell Kate on, say, her EIGHTEENTH birthday, let her live her life ’til then, and give her a MOTHERFUCKING CHOICE? But no, instead they DANGLE HER MOTHER’S LIFE IN FRONT OF HER, LIE TO HER, AND GET HER KILLED. That is SO FAR from “the plan” Demeter outlines here that I honestly cannot believe that Kate didn’t call her a goddamn liar to her face. But no. Kate actually reflects on how her mother’s cancer helped her agree to pass the tests, and how perhaps the whole cancer thing was concocted by the Olympians to help prepare her. And I fucking sit there gaping like a fish, pointing and screaming in my head:



This explanation is just so fucking flimsy. It’s sad, weak backpeddling. Hey, you know what? Not a goddamn thing you can fucking say will change how or why Kate got into this goddess position. It will always, ALWAYS, be fucked up and wrong and unhealthy and unfair to Kate, and Demeter will ALWAYS be the fucking bad guy in this situation. Maybe try OWNING UP TO THAT instead of trying to explain it away.

But that just brings us back to the original conclusion: this book just is. It is everything fucked and unhealthy and wrong with the first two. There is no redemption for it, not even any attempt. It’s just fucked.

Putting the fucking shenanigans aside, Goddess Inheritance also manages to fail in general terms of compelling storytelling. It felt so much longer than it actually ways, probably because it takes so fucking long for anything relevant to happen – aside from a brief skirmish in the beginning and the clusterfuck battle ending, most of the book is just padded all to hell. It is literally pages of Kate doing mundane shit like watching her kid sleep for hours, and angsting over her husband, or father, or Cronus, or being angry at Ava and Calliope.

The only thing that Kate actually gets to do for a good two hundred pages is go out and search for Rhea – you know, that thing this whole book was set up to be about until LOL SURPRISE PREGNANCY – and that is an absurdly brief trip. Seriously, they went on and on in the last book and even this one about how ~nobody knew where Rhea was~ and Kate would have to ~trek through Africa~ to find her. I mean, fuck, Kate disappeared for nine months and nobody thought it was weird because she was supposedly ~looking for Rhea~ and I guess it should just take that long. And yet when Kate finally does go after her, it’s basically:

James: Rhea’s in Africa. Here, we shall take a plane there!
– Trans-Atlantic flight –
James: Oh, we’re in White Person’s Vision of Slumtastic Africa!
– ONE fucking cab drive later –
Kate: Oh hey, there’s Rhea!

That took like TWO DAYS, none of which, by the way, was actually spent LOOKING for Rhea, just traveling to a specific location. James led Kate RIGHT TO HER. WHY in FUCK did ANYONE – particularly James – think nothing was off about Kate being gone for NINE MONTHS? This was so bizarre that I actually thought it might be a plot point, like maybe James was in on it and didn’t say anything because he was ~the mole~, but nope, we’re never given any explanation. It just ~is~.

But aside from that little expedition, which takes all of maybe a chapter, we get little to nothing actually happening in The Goddess Inheritance until the very end. The book just stalls and procrastinates, letting Kate whine and waver back and forth constantly about whether or not she should keep her bargain with Cronus and be his ~immortal bride~ or whatever-the-fuck. Finally, after like a MILLION fucking pages, she settles on “YES!”, and sets out to sacrifice herself for her family…and fails spectacularly. Instead, Henry gets to be the lucky dog to bargain himself away, and OH FUCK, NOW SHIT’S GETTING REAL, HENRY IS IN DANGER!

That’s like a hundred pages or so from the end, and finally, FINALLY, the plot is allowed to chug forward as we build up to the epic clusterfuck ending. The Olympians fumble down the path to war, and despite the best efforts of her family to sideline her, Kate actually womans up and finds a way to contribute something. I’m not entirely sure why nobody but Kate thought of doing what she did, but fuck, I’ll take it, at least she’s doing something.

They fight and blah blah blah, nobody cares, and a bunch of people get stabbed, Ava and Calliope fatally so, and deus ex Rhea shows up, despite explicitly stating that she wasn’t going to get involved and nothing actually changing. Sure, she could have saved millions of human lives, but pfft, if she’d done that, we wouldn’t have gotten this fine story!

Like an angry mother who’s finally had enough of her rambunctious toddlers, she puts a stop to this fighting shit, and somehow done-been-stabbed Henry is healed, but not Ava, because pfffft, she’s a nasty slutty woman, what do we need her for? I MEAN I guess because Kate killed Calliope, and they all need to learn something from this or some shit, even though hi, yeah, Cronus and Calliope TOTALLY FUCKING STARTED IT AND KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. But y’know, no, I guess letting his daughter die, that’s like putting Zeus in the corner, so you know, it’s all fair. But Cronus lives, because fuck, he’s a dude, he couldn’t possibly have done anything as bad as those bitches, amirite?

And then they all just go home, and Kate gets her happily-ever-after with her motherfucking Stockholm husband and child-trafficking mother and douchebag father who let her stay kidnapped for nine months, and her fucking forced pregnancy baby, and isn’t it just so sweet? And Kate never has to get over her dependency or insecurity or misogyny, and Henry never has to muster any of his own will to live, and these people get to raise a fucking child together, holy shit, that poor fucking kid.

And for our send-off, we’re shown that fuck, now we’ve got two goddess vacancies to fill. GUESS WHO GETS TO FIND SOMEONE TO REPLACE AVA? NOW WE GET TO DO THIS SAME THING TO SOME OTHER LUCKY GIRL, right?


It’s like the final twist in a fucking horror movie.

This book is just…ugh. It’s exactly what the fucking last two were. I don’t know why I expected more.

One Star


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  1. LupLun

    January 29, 2013 4:38 am, Reply

    Oh, my. You weren’t kidding about a nervous breakdown, were you? O_O;;;;

    There, there. It’ll all be fine. ^_^ Have some of this, it will allow you to vent your feminist rage in an arena where the author’s on your side.

    • Kayla + Cyna

      January 29, 2013 5:06 am, Reply

      I actually have a copy of that book somewhere, I just hadn’t gotten to it. I’d heard it was feminist along the lines of Patricia Briggs, though, so I’ve been a little weary x.x

      It’s okay though. I have a stash of decent stuff that I’m rationing out. 🙂

  2. Ashleigh Paige

    January 31, 2013 7:28 pm, Reply

    … Oh my God. I made so many horrorfaces while reading this that my face is STUCK making them right now. I’m glad I left my experience with this series at reading the first book and indulging in some calm feminist rage on my Goodreads semi-review of the second book. The occasional fan troll that pops in is good for a quick laugh, but I haven’t had one in a while.

    I’m going to go ahead and follow you now because your reviews are awesome and you use zero stars as a rating just like I do! Some books just don’t deserve shit.

    • Kayla + Cyna

      February 3, 2013 9:27 pm, Reply

      Haha, that should be in a little warning label on all of the Goddess books, like the disclaimer on a pack of cigarettes. “Warning, side effects may include nausea, vomiting, extreme anger, violent impulses, horror, facial stress, and loss of faith in the human race.”

      And thanks! 😀 It’s true. Sometimes I wish we could introduce some sort of negative-star rating.

  3. RogueFiccer

    February 18, 2013 9:48 am, Reply

    Holy. Shit. I was right. Oh, my word, I was right. I WAS RIGHT. Zeus is her father. *bursts out laughing* I bet a friend a million Monopoly bucks that was the case, since Carter seemed so bound and determined to make Kate Persephone 2.0, and I was right. I so can’t wait to spitefic the hell out of this entire trilogy. I’m going to spitefic the hell out of this entire trilogy, turn all of the misogyny and abuse of Greek mythology on its head, and make like E.L. James, only I’ll be improving on the original when I file the serial numbers off.

    • Kayla + Cyna

      February 19, 2013 10:36 pm, Reply

      Well of course he had to be, they had to be as genetically similar as possible if there were to have any hope of tempting Henry off of his extremely long road to suicide. UGH I CAN’T EVEN TYPE THAT WITHOUT GETTING ANGRY.

      Good luck with your spitefic! I’m like 99% certain pretty much anything would be an improvement over this crap.

  4. RogueFiccer

    February 28, 2013 8:59 pm, Reply

    The bullshit Demeter spews about how her getting cancer bumped things up and that’s why Kate wasn’t told? That’s TOTALLY different than the explanation Mommy Dearest gave to Kate at the end of book one when Kate asked, “Why didn’t you tell me before?” after Henry and Mommy Dearest finish explaining away why the whole thing wasn’t a set-up at all, honey, really!. *rolls eyes* Anyway, this is what Mommy Dearest said two books ago about why Kate was left ignorant:

    “It would have given you an unfair advantage,” said my mother. “It needed to be your decision, not one I influenced you to make or one that you automatically rejected because you knew what you were getting into. Besides,” she added gently, “even if I’d told you, would you really have believed me?”

    • Kayla + Cyna

      March 3, 2013 2:41 am, Reply

      Oh for fuck’s sake, can they really not keep this shit straight between books? FUCK WAS THAT NOT EXPLANATION ENOUGH? OH SHIT UM WELL HERE, HAVE A WHOLE STACK OF OTHER REASONS!

      Demeter gets a similar speech in Goddess Interitance, I wonder how much has changed between those two.

    • Gry Ranfelt

      January 16, 2014 6:33 pm, Reply

      There are many mythos about Aphrodite. Sometimes Zeus is her father (In the Illiad he is) sometimes she comes out of the fumes of the ocean, sometimes a well.
      The confusion derives from the fact that she’s actually a Goddess from the MIddle East. Google Ishtar. As the belief in Ishtar moved west and the greek religion moved west she was merged with the greek myths. This is why she sometimes stands outside of the rest of the “greek good family”.

  5. Chloe benson

    January 2, 2014 2:00 am, Reply

    Um… I’m a fan of this book because I love the plot… And it’s not like amiee carter was like, okay ladies everybody get fucked up at eighteen (and by the way Kate was actually nineteen) and you’ll have a happily ever after. No she was using Milo as a turning point for Kate. And as a writer myself, you really should realize that the reason people read books like the goddess test is because we like the romance and what happens in it. So go screw yourself, because the books not that bad. And if I do say so myself,a mature critic of a book would find better ways to point out these things without cursing and bringing over dramatic opinions in. So, yeah, have fun living an extremely over dramatic life, where nothing you read is ever good enough for you.

    • Cyna Cyna

      January 2, 2014 3:16 am, Reply

      Oh my god it’s hate! Excellent, I never get hate. Ok, let’s see:

      1) “It’s good because I like it” is not a valid rebuttal
      2) Neither is “don’t curse so much”
      3) Since you’re a writer, then I’m sure you understand the power of a story – especially an oft-repeated one – to influence and shape our thoughts and opinions and beliefs without directly telling us anything, so that first part is just disingenuous bullshit. Pardon the language.
      4) Unless you really don’t understand that, in which case, allow me.

      Thanks for reading~<3

    • Cheryl Hopper

      January 19, 2014 1:58 am, Reply

      So, you’re a fan of the book. Good for you. We’re all welcome to our preferences, which are worth zero in a discussion about a book’s merits because personal preference is totally subjective.

      It’s meaningless that Kate was nineteen, not eighteen. Very young and immature is very young and immature. She didn’t graduate high school and never expressed any desire to do so; she showed any desire to go to college or have any life after high school; she never showed any desire to have any life that wasn’t centered around her mother or, later, Henry, period. Kate was extremely immature and a lousy role model for young women. She had no ambition. Zero, zilch, nada. As for Milo, there is so much more to being a mother than Kate’s dramatic moments of “OMG! Mah bebeh!” Any female who’s menstruating can conceive and give birth to a child. Kate proves that. Being a mother…well, I hope Kate grows up in a hell of a hurry, because Milo’s going to need a mature woman to be his mother. Kate was a child who was manipulated into conceiving. She wasn’t even remotely ready. Milo was a plot device, nothing more, and a very misogynistic one at that. Of course a female would be motivated by a child! All women want to be mothers, donchaknow! [/sarcasm] There is so much beyond a husband and child that can and will motivate a woman to fight like hell. We are people, the same as men. We fight for the same things as men, we are motivated by the same things as men.

      I love romance as well. I do NOT love slut-shaming, which there was plenty of, Ava being the main recipient. Kate blamed her for Xander dying because Ava was too busy having sex and treating boys like toys, conveniently forgetting that it was Theo who came charging into Ava’s room and Theo, fueled by macho pride, who attacked Xander. Ava had zero culpability in Xander being killed. Ava’s only ‘crime’ was having absolutely no guilt about being sexually active, having multiple partners, and enjoying it. For that, Kate cast her out. Henry confirmed Kate’s decision as just. It’s not stated that’s why Kate did it, but Kate states if Ava hadn’t been flitting from boy to boy, none of this would have happened. It’s so easy to see Ava’s being condemned for her sex life. Even before Eden Manor, Ava’s slut shamed. In Eden, the way Kate talks about her makes Ava sound like slutty, even though there is absolutely nothing in-text that indicates Ava and Dylan are having sex, and if they are, with as possessive of Dylan as Ava is, guaranteed Dylan is the only one Ava’s having sex with, and being monogamous is NOT slutty–unless you consider having sex at all when you’re not married to be slutty. But enough about the slut-shaming of Ava. I have a MAJOR bone to pick with how Carter treats Kate and Henry having sex.

      The day after Kate and Henry have sex, one of Kate’s comments on it is “I was supposed to feel upset or dirty, or at the very least confused about what to feel about the whole thing.” F’ing EXCUSE ME? What the hell kind of message is that to send? Sex with a guy you’re not married to, a guy you’ve said you love, is something you’re supposed to feel DIRTY ABOUT? Why, because you’re not married to him? That’s supposed to be confusing? Why? Because sex before marriage is a bad thing? Way to send the message that unmarried sex is something wrong and shameful and bad. The message in this section, loud and clear, is that SEX IS FOR AFTER YOU’RE MARRIED. Heck, Kate remarks at one point that it’s better if her mom assumes she and Henry had sex after the wedding “if it happened at all”. Right. Nothing at all dysfunctional about a relationship where a sexless marriage is a possibility. [/sarcasm]

      Oh, and Kate, who found out she and Henry were doped up and figures (not wrongly, it turns out) it was an attempt to get her to fail the tests, is more worried about how he’s doing. Henry, who looked at her in horror, said absolutely nothing to her, left other people to check on her, and hasn’t made any attempt to talk to her all day. She’s concerned, she’s scared, she’s wondering, she’s achy and feeling like shit, and Henry can’t spare a single damn thought or five minutes for her. That’s not anything new for him, though. He’s been colder than a glacier in Antarctica the entire book and the only time he showed any real affection toward Kate, he was drugged to the gills. I get that Henry was burned by Persephone, but there comes a point where a man needs to let go of the ex and MOVE THE HELL ON. Henry has not done that. Kate? She just keeps chasing along after him, believing that Twu Wuv will melt the ice around his heart. *snorts* I once dated a guy who was hung up on a woman, and I truly tried to ignore the fact her ghost was there 90-95% of the time. I honestly believed that if I loved him enough, he’d let go of her. It didn’t happen. Since then, I’ve met other women who made the same mistake I did. It does not matter how much you love a man, you cannot love a man into making him let go of his past. You can never love a man into changing, period. A man will change when he wants to and not before. Trying to love that guy into letting go of the girl he knew was a lesson in that, and so was trying to love a guy with boundary issues into being a less of an asshole (that was a failure as well). Having Kate marry Henry instead of saying, “Sorry, I deserve better than a guy who refuses to let go of his ex” sends the wrong message to girls and women everywhere. Give Kate self-confidence! Give her a belief in her self-worth, that she deserves a guy who has his eyes 100% on her and their future together, not some guy with serious communication issues who’s always looking over his shoulder (and everyone is acting like that isn’t a HUGE PROBLEM).

      I do NOT love that Kate was manipulated into giving up half of the rest of her life by her mother and Henry, and that the rest of the Council sat by and went along with it. I was absolutely disgusted by the fact that everyone was peachy keen with the idea that Kate was bred for no other reason than to be Henry’s wife. HER ENTIRE FATE WAS DECIDED FOR HER BEFORE SHE WAS EVEN CONCEIVED. All that talk Diana spewed about Kate making her own choices? Seriously? If Diana meant it, why wasn’t she straight with Kate about the REAL reason they moved to Eden? Why wasn’t Henry straight with Kate when she first arrived at Eden Manor? I recall two separate occasions in the first book, one when she showed up to bargain for Ava, the other the next morning, when Henry could have been totally honest with her about the tests and what would happen if she failed. Both times, he kept important information from her. No one told her she didn’t have to eat to stay alive while she was there. Well, they mentioned it once before she ate the first day, but no one bothered after that. Had Henry not come clean with her later, she would have failed on grounds of gluttony–and what the heck are Greek gods doing using the Roman Catholic Seven Deadly Sins as test criteria. That makes no sense whatsoever–when no one had bothered to be up front and honest with her about the fact she did not have to eat. She would have continued because she honestly thought she had to keep eating to stay alive, a completely reasonable assumption. Using the Seven Deadly Sins as criteria, rather than criteria that actually make sense, like diplomacy, strategy, ability to handle a crisis, ability to multitask, ability to allocate resources wisely, and PR skills, I have no idea. I guess Carter sees Queen of the Underworld as an ‘arm candy, sit there silently and look purdy’ thing.

      Not even going to get started on the bullshit treatment of Hera. Turning her into a 1D jealous harridan? Spare me! Hera had absolutely valid reasons to be pissed at Zeus. Cyna did a fabulous job detailing why Carter’s treatment of Hera (and Aphrodite) was misogynistic and sexist, so I won’t elaborate, but Carter was wrong, wrong, wrong on all counts with that.

  6. Gry Ranfelt

    January 16, 2014 6:28 pm, Reply

    Damn this is an awesome review.
    What an aweful book.
    I don’t get how people can even write stuff like that. Oh my God <.< These writers must really be messed-up and hold some serious grudges and have severe feelings of inadequacy.

  7. Serena

    June 3, 2014 4:59 am, Reply

    Just because YOU don’t like the book doesn’t mean you have to right a billion fucking paragraphs on how you don’t like it. Seriously no one needs to know how badly you don’t like the book

  8. dragonslayingprincess

    May 21, 2016 12:21 pm, Reply

    Wait … They called Zeus WALTER!!! The most powerful patriarch of the Gods, slayer of Titans, bringer of thunder, King of heaven and he’s WALTER?

    Not maybe Richard or Alexander (or something actually Greek) but fricking WALTER ! The name of the soppy brown noser from the Beano!?

    How could you book!? No! Just no! Argh! This is… I need to sit down and stop myself from having a coronary!!

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