Papercuts Podcast Episodes 16 & 17 – Wrap-ups and Blurbs!

Hey guys! Just popping in to say that we have two podcasts up over at Papercuts! One in which we jabber about 2013 in retrospect – the podcast, our favorite books, etc – and talk a little bit about what we’ve got coming up. And THEN we have a really fun, informative podcast about all things blurb! What makes a good synopsis? What makes a bad one? Why is everything “the next Hunger Games”, and who cares if Cassandra Clare thinks this book is delicious? Surprisingly enough, we might have found an answer. Or, found someone who found an answer. Maybe.

Papercuts Year-End Wrap Up Papercuts talks Blurbs!

Episode 16 – 2013 Wrap-Up

Episode 17 – Blurbs!


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