Papercuts Podcast Episode 20 – Welcome Back!

Ahhhh shit, Papercuts is back! After a 27-year hiatus, we’re gathering to catch up and chit-chat about things that’ve happened in YA this year so far – er, as of early October (don’t worry, we’re gonna cover the newer stuff soon). ANYWAY, thrill as we discuss YA-related things like the trends and querying and the importance of diversity and the success of YA adaptations, as well as non-YA-related things, like Pacific Rim and…well mostly Pacific Rim, really. Well, also Ollie’s cat. Ollie’s cat is kind of a dick.

Also, stick around to the end for Nick Fury, as well as information on our upcoming ridiculously huge giveaway! Welcome Back, Papercuts Podcast

Episode 20 – Welcome Back!


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