Papercuts Podcast – Episodes + Giveaway!

So I know it’s been quiet here, and that is mostly because we’ve had a busy half-month over at Papercuts Podcast. First, we got to chat with author Jenny Trout about some ancient but still shitty YA drama in episode 24, The YA Mafia.

Episode 24 – The YA Mafia

Then we got in some good old-fashioned snark this week with episode 25, Judge a Book by its Cover.

Episode 25 – Judge a Book by its Cover

Finally, we managed to get our shit together just in time to launch the Papercuts Podcast YA Giveaway for this last week of December! We’ve got over 300 books in across like ten genres, and a bunch of ways for you to enter, so do it! Claim Ollie’s books!

Papercuts Podcast YA Giveaway


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