Papercuts Podcast Episode 5 – Love Triangles

lovetrie-300x242 We’re back, and we come bearing a new segment: At the End of Our Trope, where we discuss topes and cliches that make us want to punch kittens. This wee we’re complaining about discussing the bane of YA’s existence, the dreaded ~love triangle~. We try to keep the talk triangle-centered, but as usual, we do end up touching on a few other subjects, like stalker boyfriends, white-washing, LGBT erasure, mean girls, and angel stank.

Personally, I’m hoping our next episode can be about that last part.

Episode 5 – Love Triangles

Also, we apologize for the echo in the first third of the podcast, IT DOES GET BETTER LATER ON, WE PROMISE.

Posts we reference in the cast: As usual, you can find Robin here, Ollie here.

And we should be back in the next couple of weeks with a Host review. JOY.


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  1. Vicki S.

    April 8, 2013 8:26 am, Reply

    Ugh, I was always on Simon’s side in Clare’s series. And I did get super pissed at Clary (and the author) when she kept stringing him along throughout books 2 & 3. I sorta still want to read books 4-7 because I heard he’d break out into his own story. I don’t know.

    Favorite cheerleader characters ever: Kim Possible (from her show) and Kimmy Meisner from Sym Bionic Titan. Kimmy starts out super super shallow and generic, then ends up falling for the geekiest guy ever. Not literary, but still noteworthy.

    My favorite love triangle is from Tamora Pierce’s original Alanna series. I’ll admit, I didn’t enjoy her choice the first time reading, but upon further readings I can get behind it. Written in the 80’s, and technically high fantasy as opposed to paranormal/contemporary, but still my fave YA triangle. I think her Beka Cooper trilogy also has a sort of triangle, but it only lasts for 1 of the books.

    Great podcast! Can’t wait to hear about The Host!

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